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Overview of the Laboratories

NTT Musashino Research and Development CenterNTT Musashino Research and
Development Center

The Information Sharing Platform Laboratories are undertaking R&D of service platform technologies in order to enable a wide range of application services to be provided on NTT's world-leading broadband network. Specifically, we are focusing on core technology for cloud computing to allow the flexible, reliable and economical provision of a wide range of applications, from web search, content delivery, and groupware, which are intended for consumers and small-to-medium enterprises, to administrative and medical services and e-commerce, which are intended to serve as social infrastructures. To enable customers to use these services safely, securely and conveniently, we are also promoting theoretical research into NTT's world-class cryptographic technology, and playing a leading role in providing total support for the integration and operation of the ICT systems that support the businesses of customers and the NTT Group, building on the strength of NTT's skills and know-how in security, Internet and information technology.


As high-speed, high-capacity and high-quality next generation network services are increasingly being deployed, backed by the penetration of optical fiber access, the NGN and the mobile LTE (long term evolution), there is a demand for upper layer application services that interwork closely with the network in order to make the most of the network's functionality. In addition, as a telecommunication service provider, the NTT Group finds that it has an important role in contributing to society at large by aggressively and efficiently reducing the environmental load through the reduction of power consumed by ICT systems.

The NTT Group is seeking to become a "service creation group." To enable this transition, the Information Sharing Platform Laboratories are developing an economical, safe, secure, convenient, and environmentally friendly service platform for creating broadband and ubiquitous services over the NTT Group's highly sophisticated network.

We are pursuing R&D of cloud computing as a core technology for this service platform. Cloud computing can be applied to social infrastructures, such as e-government, which demand extremely high reliability. Our cloud computing technology will not only satisfy the requirements for conventional cloud computing, such as making ICT systems cost-effective and scalable, but also make it possible to build a platform middleware for introducing and managing cloud computing environment to allow implementation of highly functional and large-scale ICT systems that provide high reliability, availability and security.

We are also engaged in R&D of a wide spectrum of related technologies to enable customers to use application services safely, securely and conveniently in a cloud computing environment. These technologies span both basic and applied technologies, ranging from theoretical research into a world-class cryptographic algorithm, to ICT system technology, such as authentication and ID federation, architecture for the development of applications on a cloud, and support for system integration and secure system operation.

We at the Information Sharing Platform Laboratories are committed to pressing ahead with leading-edge R&D to respond to social needs.

(As of July 1, 2010)

Main Research Areas
Main Research Areas
Network security
Reliable technology contact point for dealing with a variety of network threats
Information security
Activities to become a center of excellence in information security over a wide range of disciplines